Ever since the first project in 1993, Chemical has always been one of our key vertical markets. Now we have offered over 7,000 DCS systems for our clients in coal chemical, salt chemical and fine chemical industries, our coal-to-olefin MAC project has been regarded as world’s top coal chemical projects, our project teams are capable of handling the most complex and large scale projects in the industry. 

    • Typical Clients
    • Zhongtian Hechuang Large-Scale Integrated Unit MAV Project


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      Scope of Contract

      Scope of Supply: DCS, ODS, AAS, OTS, SIS
      Scope of Work: engineering design, project management, manufacturing and assembly, FAT, installation supervision, SAT, commissioning, start-up, maintenance and training

      Processes & Units:
      2×1,800,000t/a coal to methanol unit
      2×1,800,000t/a MTO unit (S-MTO, SINOPEC)
      350,000t/a LDPE (ST, SINOPEC)
      350,000t/a PPE (Ineos)
      120,000t/a LDPE (Exxonmobil)
      250,000t/a LDPE (Exxonmobil)
      300,000t/a LLDPE (SGPE, SINOPEC)
      6×82,000Nm3/h air separation (AL)
      10 coal gasification unit (GE-Texaco)
      4x1,500t/d coal water slurry gasifier (GE-Texaco)
      4 sets of low temperature methanol washing (Linde)
      Methanol synthesis unit (Lurgi towers)
      5×490t/h ultra-high pressure pulverized coal boiler
      240t/h ultra-high pressure pulverized coal boiler
      2×135MW ultra-high pressure double-extraction condensing steam turbine generator unit
      30MW ultra-high pressure and back pressure generator unit