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SUPCON Enters the First Recommendation Catalog of Intelligent Manufacturing Solution Supplier by MIIT
Release time:Nov 16, 2017


Nov 13, SUPCON was selected as the First Recommendation Catalog of Intelligent Manufacturing Solution Supplier released by MIIT (the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the P. R. China). The catalog is a practice of the vision of two important Chinese government strategic initiatives: Made in China 2025, and Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan 2016~2020.


The assessment of the nominee began on Oct 23 with the spirit of fostering the backbones of intelligent manufacturing development. All the recommended suppliers are reputed intelligent manufacturing software and hardware vendors, system designers, system integrators and engineering suppliers with annual sales revenue exceeding 50 million RMB.


This year, Professor Chu, the founder of SUPCON has repeatedly stressed the significance of  expediting researching and developing intelligent manufacturing solution. Many complicated and important projects have already shown SUPCON capability, including SINOPEC Jiujiang Smart Plant National Demonstration Project, Shenhua Ningxia Coal Smart Plant National Demonstration Project, Northeast General Pharmaceutical Factory intellectual reconstruction, etc.


SUPCON intelligent manufacturing solution, comprising intelligent operation solution, green plant solution and secure plant solution, covers comprehensive demand of plants from various industries and help building the most efficient green safe plant at the least cost, thus making steps pushing national intelligent manufacturing development.