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SUPCON Provides Compressor Control Solution for SINOPEC 1.5Mt/a Continuous Catalytic Reforming Project
Release time:Dec 08, 2017

Nov 20, the 1.5Mt/a CCR (Continuous Catalytic Reforming) unit of SINOPEC Jinling Petrochemical Corporation came into operation. SUPCON CCS (Compressor Control System) Solution helped to realize fully automation for the hydrogen compressor; it marked a significant improvement in operation efficiency and energy benefit ratio.


CCR - aromatics extraction is known as one of the most important and complicated process in oil refinery. And hydrogen compressor, as the key equipment in CCR, requires very critical control since it is quite vulnerable to the fluctuation of environment temperature and hydrogen pipeline pressure.


To optimize the automation control, SUPCON CCS solution adopted the latest self-developed anti-surge control technology, dynamic decoupling technology and process control technology. The successful operation of the solution reduced labor intensity dramatically, meanwhile, cut the steam consumption by 2t/h.


Jinling Petrochemical Corporation is a subsidiary of SINOPEC Group, one of the major state-owned petroleum energy and chemicals companies in China. It‘s the third largest oil processing base and plays a significant role in the Yangtze River Delta Region of China.