2018 Industrial Information Security Contest East China Final Held at SUPCON HQ
Release time:Jul 23, 2018

July 19-20, 2018 Industrial Information Security Contest East China Final was held at SUPCON HQ. The contest is hosted by National Industrial Information Security Research Center and Zhejiang Economics & Informatization Committee; organized by SUPCON, DBAPPSecurity and Zhejiang Electronic Products Inspection Institute. 20 teams from enterprises and universities in East China attended and the top 10 teams from Hangzhou Mulian Technology Corporation, SHARK,etc will be invited to the National Final.


The contest on July 19 is an offense & defense CTF (capture-the-flag) game which tests the contestants’ skills of industrial control firmware reversal, industrial network data analysis, industrial penetration test, industrial security analysis, etc. The contest on July 20 is a mission completion live simulation testing the knowledge of middle-ware security, operation system security, data base security, web security, industrial control protocol analysis, etc.