EMF Series


CJT Series
Smart pressure Transmitter
CJT series smart transmitter is the field pressure instrument adopting the microprocessor as its core, which extends the communication and other functions on the basis of the traditional capacitance sensor technology. With the help of hand held communicator or other host computer adopting HART protocol, the bi-directional communication (data reading, writing and diagnosing) could be realized in the control room, transmitter field or any places connecting with control circuit.

With CJT series smart transmitters, measurement of pressure, flow and liquid level etc., is available to meet a wide range of applications and requirements including petroleum, chemical industry, steel, electric power, environmental protection and so on.


Accuracy grade: 0.1

Measurement range ratio: 40:1

HART communication

Self-diagnosis and remote diagnosis

Equip with nonvolatile EEPROM

Local buttons for span and zero adjustment

Safety type and flame-proof type

Excellent corrosion resistance

Modular compact structure

Protection grade: IEC IP65