CJT Series


CXT Series


EMF Series
Electromagnetic Flowmeter

The electromagnetic flowmeter mainly measure the flow of various conductive liquid or solid-liquid two-phase fluid, such as water, sewage, mud, paper pulp, beverage, chemical, viscous liquid and suspension.

  • Measure various conductive liquid flow (conductivity>5μs/cm)
  • 0.2% high accuracy with stable performance and good repeatability
  • 0.5-12m/s measuring range
  • GPRS, bluetooth wireless output, MODBUS and HART communication
  • Battery and solar power supply mode

  • Good adaptability to the media with highly corrosive resistance and strong wear resistance.
  • No restricted baffle, no pressure loss, hard to clog, saving energy and reducing consumption.
  • Sensor can be connected with various international standard flange.
  • Converter with high reliability and good interchangeability.
  • Forward and reverse flow measuring functions.
  • Operated without opening the cover through phone bluetooth or ultrared remote control
  • Modified the parameters online with nonlinear correction of meter factor
  • Can be used in the case of negative pressure with stainless steel lining technology