Advanced Process Control Software

Advanced Process Control (APC) technology is one of the core technologies for integrated automation system of process industrial enterprises. Generally, on the basis of existing conventional control of DCS and FCS systems, the APC strategies, such as multivariable predictive control, intelligent control, soft measurement and process calculation are adopted to achieve the following goals: improving the control quality of complex industrial process, enhancing the anti-disturbance capability and robustness of control system, thereby improving the comprehensive benefits and competitiveness of the enterprise.

Nowadays, there are thousands of sets of the advanced control systems applied in global process industries, with 6 to 10 months of common period of ROI, over 5% of the production cost can be reduced averagely. The advanced control has been deemed as a high and new technology with little investments and high benefit and is an important means for process enterprises to improve the level of automation.

SUPCON began to research, develop and implement the advanced control technology since the 1990s and successfully launched the advanced control software APC-Suite integrated with the advanced control platform APC-iSYS, advanced multivariable robust predictive control software APC-Adcon and intelligent soft-sensing software APC-Sensor. Nowadays, APC-Suite has become a leading supplier of advanced control technology, software and service.

SUCON is devoted to providing with following advanced control technologies, software and services:
  • Feasibility analysis, project approval and arguments of advanced control project
  • Series of software on advanced control
  • Design and implementation of advanced control system
  • Performance evaluation of advanced control system
  • Rehabilitation and maintenance of advanced control system
  • Consultation and training of advanced control technology

Key Components of APC-Suite

  • APC-iSYS advanced control platform
  • APC-Adcon advanced multivariable robust predictive control software
  • APC-Sensor intelligent soft-sensing software

Advanced Control Platform APC-iSYS

APC-iSYS is composed of core real-time database system, application components and configuration components. It is a basic data platform to achieve advanced control, soft sensing, process calculation, process simulation and optimization. Key functions:
  • Unified and complete real-time data acquisition
  • Powerful data processing and data integration
  • Effective data analysis and data management
  • Reliable program-developing tools, support the implementation of customized controller

APC-Adcon Advanced Multivariable Robust Predictive Control Software

APC-Adcon is the core product of APC-Suite, including identification, modeling, controller design, simulation, configuration and online application, to provide the following functions:
  • Achieve setpoint control and region control: not only specify the controlled variable (CV) as set point control but also specified as region control, being provided with good stationary and strong robustness
  • Effectively reject the measurable disturbance: modeling the measurable disturbance simultaneously, predicting the effect of disturbance variable (DV) on the process and compensating it effectively
  • Provide multi-objective dynamic optimization: define the ideal residing value for manipulated variable (MV), controlled variable and the linear combination between variables; maximize and minimize the sub-optimal targets; successively meet all the sub-optimal targets according to the freedom degree of control and weight priority of variables
  • Suitable for steady control and dynamic optimization of complex industrial process with multivariable, strong coupling, long time-delay and constraint features 

APC-Sensor Intelligent Soft-Sensing Software

APC-Sensor takes the technological methods of first principle modeling, neural network and multivariate statistics regression as the core, and integrates the
functions of data reprocessing, auxiliary variable selection, offline modeling and simulation with on-line operation. It is an important aided software of process operations and advanced control, providing the following functions:
  • Provide timely, reliable and accurate calculated value for the key process parameters
  • Provide the first principle model and/or data-driven model of specific process unit for hydrocarbon process industry and chemical process industry
  • Employ the double calibration technique of unique on-line model receding calibration and data deviation calibration of laboratory analysis to improve precision of on-line prediction


APC-Suite - to achieve safe, stable, long-term, full-capacity and optimized operation for process industrial enterprises

  • Improve the safety, smoothness and stability of unit operation
  • Perfect the integrated control performance of process system
  • Provide accurate online calculated value for the key process parameter; improve the consistency of product quality.
  • Ensure long-term operation of the unit and approach its maximum capacity;
  • Achieve the energy saving, reducing for consumption of raw materials, reducing for emissions of pollutant and maximization benefits of the unit through optimized control and operating optimization.

Typical Benefits of APC-Suite

  • Reduce the standard deviation of the key variable fluctuation, usually reaching above 50%
  • Increase 1~5% of processing capacity
  • Increase 1~5% of the yield of target products
  • Save 2~5% of specific energy consumption
  • Reduce 1~5% of specific material consumption
  • Reduce rejected products and lower the costs of reprocessing
  • Reduce the emissions of pollutant and realize production with friendly environment

Excellent Engineering and After-sales Service System

  • A trustworthy after-sales project service team formed by senior project manager, senior industry experts, implementation engineers and software support engineers to deeply develop the benefits of advanced control system for users
  • A set of perfect engineering, after-sales work flows and quality management system conforming to ISO 9001:2000 Standard to guarantee the quality and benefits of engineering and after-sales service, and create lasting economic benefits for users
  • An elite training team with rich experiences in training and engineering construction in the training center, to provide users the training of management and technology personnel and operating personnel under the guarantee of perfect training system