Real-time Database
Real-time information center for enterprise production 

In the process of production and administration, there are is a mass of data (tens of thousands per second, even hundreds of thousands). How to deal with and use these data is an urgent problem to be solved during the process of business management. 

ESP-iSYS real-time database provides an effective plan for enterprises to achieve data collection, storage, processing and application, which is one of the core platforms for companies to set up data center as well as a real-time information center for enterprises production management. 

Complete data collection 
  • Support the function for data collection and calculation simultaneously 
  • Various distributed data collection network construction 
  • Support DCS/PLC, relational database, suitable for data communication system interface of various manufacturers and different models in the systems like automation systems (see the appendix list for manufacturers and models) 
  • Smart breakpoint resume function can cache long term data 
  • Abundant data source extend function in the secondary development   

Good data management 
  • Smart database cache greatly improves cache accuracy and utilization 
  • Powerful data pre-processing function with high limit improves the data statistics performance 
  • Give full play to the server hardware advantages such as multi-core processor and large internal-storage, the data processing performance will greatly rise as the hardware performance rises 
  • Support off-line and on-line group status, support the import and export of file format such as Excel, CSV, XML, support functions like batch bit number set-up, alter and delete, etc. 
  • Powerful real-time calculation engine support user-defined script as well as the calculation and storage of historical data 
  • Use secondary compression technique to effectively remove clutter and noise and release data storage space on the condition of guaranteeing the accuracy 
  • Support high-speed intercurrent data access and improve data processing performance 
  • Provide multi-layered authority management like data communication, data access, interface operation, and authority control for status and access for users and hit number 
  • Support hot-standby running mode based on sharing disk array or disk mirroring mode and combine bottom data collecting interface to make sure the data integrity and consistency 

Extended function 

  • Convenient secondary development functions with C/C++, OPC DA, COM/OLE and Microsoft. Net, Microsoft. Abundant secondary development interfaces like WCF, Java, etc. 

Superior after-sale service 

  • Provide a complete user service system, a team with professionals of cooperation and high qualities 
  • First-class technical merit and all-round service awareness enable the team with quick reaction capability and problem-solving ability 
  • We have sales and service network stations across the country, complete user service system, experienced engineer, to make sure the system running quality and service quality as well as the highest income ratio from the investment for customers. 
  • Provide flexible and diverse technique service mode 

Data unloading software 
  • Support data unloading from real-time database to the relational database with manual collection and automation collection function to make sure the data with no risk at all 
  • Support the secondary calculation dealing of the source data, providing abundant calculation function and can upload the source data after calculating with user-defined way 
  • High-speed intercurrent data calculation and data unloading engine and flexible trigger node 

Data calculation engine software 

  • High-speed intercurrent script calculation engine support batches real-time calculation for virtual bit number of high frequency 
  • Provide such two kinds of script language as CalcScript and VBScript to satisfy different demands between execution efficiency and script complexity 
  • Support functions like grammar highlight, grammar semantic inspection, running tests and variable data tracing, etc. 
  • Provide batch configuration functions like searching, substitution to achieve the reuse and extension of the script function library 
  • Support the statistical sum and inspection for the calculation task running conditions 
  • Support the secondary development and extension for the data sources and aimed script object 

Health monitoring software for information system 

  • Achieve the monitoring for the data transmission link and working status for real-time database, data collecting interface and bottom source 
  • Support user-defined monitoring modules achieve the monitoring of the health condition of information system, including MES system of companies, advanced control system, energy management system, etc. 
  • Display real-time health condition of information system, and accurately locate the fault point and the analysis of faults source and provide relevant information knowledge on debug. 
  • Support such types of alarm like email, mobile terminal and sounds, etc.; you can inspect the system health via medium like PC or mobile terminal. 


  • Provide functions like production process inspection, production data trend analysis, production statement, real-time alarm and data unloading 
  • Support note reminding and mobile terminal inquiry function