Production Information Management System

As a production information management system researched and developed independently by SUPCON, PIMS is used to satisfy the demands of industrial enterprises on informatization of production and management and is among the core foundations for enterprises to realize comprehensive advanced management. 

With PIMS, users can construct different need-oriented data acquisition and monitoring systems easily and quickly, and realize the functions such as real time data integration, data processing and archiving, production index statistics and customized management for heterogeneous systems. By remote monitoring field production data via Web, production managers can understand the production situation timely and accurately and can monitor the production status real-time and anywhere in the enterprise. Meanwhile, PIMS can provide field data for ERP, CRM, OA, MIS and other management systems more timely and accurate. 

PIMS system features low investment, short construction period, stable running, easy operation, and sophisticated vertical integration of automation systems. SUPCON PIMS has already been widely applied in the production process data management for industrial enterprises in respect of petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, power, cement, medicine, pulp & paper, water treatment, etc. It has promoted the integration of enterprise information and created a new pattern of integrated automation integrated with control, optimization, scheduling, management and operation, which improves the product quality, production capacity, informatization level, management ability and comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises comprehensively. 

PIMS system can conduct the data collection and integration of intellective automation systems such as all kinds of DCS, PLC, fieldbus instruments and HMI/SCADA. Meanwhile, it can realize more efficient integration of data and flow charts of SUPCON's own control systems, which also supports data import and the automatic conversion of flow charts. 


Remote alarm: supports Web client to receive and process remote alarms, and enables the functions such as Web client alarm acknowledge, alarm voice alert, alarm dialog popping alert and online modification of alarm limit based on configuration, which greatly facilitates customers to control production anomalies remotely and organize the handling of accidents in a timely manner in order to ensure production safety. 

Production scheduling: conducts business process and analytic statistics by collecting the plant-wide production data for valuable information for scheduling personnel. Meanwhile, by the effective integration with multimedia dispatching systems such as large screen, dispatching telephone and video surveillance, it can monitor the production situation of the whole factory comprehensively in real time, coordinate the production of all the workshops and enhance productivity. 

Real-time data storage and traceability: adopted with advanced data compression algorithm, the system can continuously store historical data of 250,000 tags over 5 years with the ability of data backup and restore. It can realize the traceability of production process through the accurate and long-term storage of historical data in order to improve the level of product quality and customer satisfaction. 

Remote monitoring: remote data management and monitoring via office network can be realized in the B/S mode, so that enterprise leaders and technical directors can conduct real time production monitoring, accident analysis and production scheduling management via IE browser or smart phones apps in their offices, at home or even during business trips. 

Statistic analysis reports: systematic background services can conduct automatic aggregate, analysis and calculation of production data, support a variety of data query conditions and provide various statistical analysis reports easily and quickly so that it can summarize production situations in the shortest time and provide reliable decision basis. In addition, it supports the display of various graphics such as bar graph, line chart, curve chart and pie chart. 

SimField smart phone app: supports various display modes of process technology, real-time data, historical curve, statistical reports, as well as HD vector flowcharts with data refresh rate less than 2 seconds. It also supports Android and iOS smart mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Pictures in SimField can be zoomed in and out steplessly.

VxHistorian real-time/historical database: the database platform has the ability of real-time storage, various computing, statistical analysis and specific application based on huge amount of data. It can help enterprises enhance the value of data resources in order to meet the needs of real-time decision-making and promote the enterprise business management to be more economical, collaborative and efficient.