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Main Features
JX-300XP brings in a friendly operating environment for operators that keep
every operator clearly informed, and easy to control the process.
  • Safe and Intelligent Plant Operation
    User Authority Management to ensure the safety of operation; enhanced design of JX-300XP, makes your process immune to virus and other internet risks. With a variety of interconnection facilities(OPC, VBA, TCP/IP), JX-300XP provides you a very open application environment, and helps your operator easily touch total plant information. Embedded numerous dedicated process functions help your operator to operate the process intelligently.
  • Safe and Efficient Project Management
    JX-300XP is reliable and efficient platform of process control, provides your engineer an easy integration solution of: DCS, SIS, RTU, SCADA, MMS, LDS, TGS etc.
  • Non-Stop Improvement of Maintenance
    JX-300XP improves personnel’s handling ability of emergency with powerful operation and maintenance functions such as the friendly operating environment, alarm management, real-time database platform, remote system diagnose assistance for SUPCON after-sales team.
  • Reliable Production Control Platform
    JX-300XP delivers high reliable and availability of the control system. The stable operation throughout the whole process is completely free from failure of any single component.
Typical Architecture of
JX-300XP has an architecture consisting of human machine interfaces, field control stations,
and a control network. These three basic components provide for flexible scalability from small
scale to large and complex facilities.
Highly Reliable and Flexible Product
With professional and endeavored design, JX-300XP maintains availability of 99.9999%.
Openness and Integration
Integrates various industry communication interfaces such as Modbus, Profibus, HART, EPA and OPC etc. which make it easy to connect third-party system and various intelligence field instruments.
Designed in compliance with European Community EMC Directive II, and special anti-corrosion coating in compliance with ISA71.04 standard G3. System has EMC and LVD CE certificates.
Fault Diagnosis
Capable of diagnosing failures concerning module, channel, and transmitter or transducer, failures such as open-circuits of thermocouple can be eliminated easily.
Real-Time Simulation
Provides debugging and simulation environment offline, which can shorten commissioning on site and reduce risk during production.
High Accuracy
I/O modules adopts the up to date high-accuracy Analog-to-Digital Sampling technology (Σ-A/D), advanced signal isolation technology, strictly proven hot-plugging technology, multi-layer board and surfaced mounting technology, which make high-accuracy analog signal measuring and more stable modules.
On-Line Download
Allows engineers to perform on-line downloading after the completion of configuration modification compiling. A bumpless switchover between old and new configuration is realized under SUPCON patented technology.
Event Recording Function
Provides powerful event recording functions including record of 1ms sequence of events(SOE), operator's operation recording, process parameter alarm records and so on, and is configured with corresponding event access, analysis, printing and recalling software, etc.
  • Openness and Integration
    Openness and Integration
  • Security
  • Fault Diagnosis
    Fault Diagnosis
  • Real-Time Simulation
    Real-Time Simulation
  • High Accuracy
    High Accuracy
  • On-Line Download
    On-Line Download
  • Event Recording Function
    Event Recording Function