Secure your plant operation with SIL3-certified
TCS-900 SIS system
Designed in comply with IEC 61508 and TÜV SIL3 standards,TCS-900 SIS (Safety Instrumented System) is SUPCON’s latest system especially made for critical safety and control throughout the industry, and to ensure the safety and availability of plant operation.
TCS-900 system is tailored for a wide range of applications including:
  • ESD

  • BMS

  • FGS

  • CCS

  • Others

System Features
  • Availability
  • Safety
  • Scalability
  • All safety module & TMR architecture, supporting 3-3-2-0 degrading
  • Providing integral on-line diagnose and supporting on-line replacement without disturbing field wiring
  • Supporting various protocols: SCnetIV, SafeEthernet, Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP, etc.
  • Supporting up to 7 expansion racks, 2,048 I/O points in one control station
  • Providing integral support for remote I/O modules up to 10 km from the main rack
  • Conforming to EN 61326-1:2013, especially, Surge, ESD and Burst can reach 4A level
  • Conforming to ANSI/ISA-S74.01 G3 gas corrosion standard
  • Capable to withstand harsh industrial environment
  • Nearly 100% fault coverage and fail-safe operation under fault scenario in ESD application
  • 5-level voting, supporting multi-level fault isolation
  • Information security functions conforming to IEC 62443
System Architecture
TCS-900 is a highly flexible and reliable system, which not only meets the requirements of
the safety standards, but easily integrates Basic Process Control Systems (BPCS) required
for plant wide control & management.
Safe & Intelligent Integration

The TCS-900 Safety Instrumented System (SIS) is more than just a shutdown system. An independent while seamless integration for TCS-900 with SUPCON DCS products were planned ever since its initial product design, which brings significant benefits to users.

TCS-900 supports seamless integration with ECS-700 via Scnet IV, meanwhile TCS-900 control stations can talk together via SafeEthernet, it provides the backbone of secure, and safe plant operation.