See How SUPCON Contributes to the Intelligent Manufacturing Ecosystem

Oct 11 ~ 13, 2018 WIMS (World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit) was held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center. The Summit, with the theme of “Empowering the Future through Intelligent Manufacturing” , focuses on three dimensions: new thinking, new business models and new enabling technologies.

Professor Chu Jian, founder of SUPCON was invited to the WIMS Forum with the topic of Industrial Environment and International Cooperation, together with the other guests from leading institutes and enterprises in the intelligent manufacturing field. Many concerns were discussed, including the development trend, cooperation possibilities of Intelligent Manufacturing eco-chain, the core competitive force of promoting the intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, etc.

“There are various kinds of industrial software provided by multiple vendors, but there’s still room for improvement of the fundamental development. And that’s why SUPCON is boosting wide cooperation of all players and pushing integration of all ranges of products by building a industrial APP platform. It will allow easier communication and more accessible resource sharing thus empower the development of intelligent manufacturing ecosystem” , Professor Chu stressed the significance of industrial upgrade and the pointed out the crux of developing a sound and efficient ecosystem.


SUPCON Participates in 52nd PSST Convention and Exhibition

Oct 1 ~ 2, SUPCON participated the 52nd PSST (Pakistan Society of Sugar Technologists) Convention and Exhibition held in Karachi, Pakistan - attracted the whole Pakistan sugar industry stakeholders, including the main sugar companies, well-known related businesses and International EPC, such as Al-Moiz Group Thal Industries, Unicol Group Limited, DESCON Engineering, Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd., etc.

At the exhibition, SUPCON showcased Webfield ECS-700 and JX-300XP DCS, TCS-900 SIS, intelligent instruments, together with InPlant Solution which offers process industry clients an integrated solution for plant level control, operation optimization and enterprise level management improvement. A number of SUPCON’s typical references were shown as well, including the Chiniot Power Plant project of Sharif Group, Etihad Power 74.4MW Co-generation Power Project contracted by Descon Engineering Limited, Channar Power 22MW Co-generation IPP Power Plant Project,etc.

SUPCON received about a hundred visitors during the exhibition, including many old friends from PSST, Unicol Group of Industries, Descon, Faran Sugar Mills, Mirpur Khas Sugar Mills, etc. They appreciated the achievements SUPCON has made in Pakistan and discussed further cooperation opportunities. The new friends were fully impressed by SUPCON products and references and expressed their wishes to visit SUPCON HQ in the near future.



SUPCON Participates in CNOOC Offshore Oil & Gas Fields Unmanned

Intelligent Development Technology Seminar

Oct 18 to 19, Offshore Oil & Gas Fields Unmanned Intelligent Development Technology Seminar was held in CNOOC Shenzhen. Taking the Panyu 10-4 Intelligent Oilfield as a study model, 18 major subjects were discussed around oil & gas transport, recovery ratio improvement, labor intense reduce, etc.

Mr. Luxun, on behalf of SUPCON, attended the seminar and delivered the speech: Data processing & Information Integration of Unmanned Wellhead Platform, and expressed SUPCON’s commitment to facilitating continuous promotion of oil field digitization.

Following the guideline of Digitization & Informatization Transformation, CNOOC is launching the pilot project that fully leverages automation control and intelligent perception, thus to achieve process optimization.


SUPCON VxOTS for Offshore Control Room Operators Assessment

Oct 14, SUPCON VxOTS (Operator Training System) for Malaysia Oil & Gas Offshore Field has passed the final acceptance test of the lead trainers from Pearson BTEC (Business & Technology Education Council) certified Professional Training Center, Wealhold Sdn Bhd.

With the application of mechanism model and virtual controller solution, SUPCON VxOTS provides a realistic simulation of the mimic operations with corresponding parameter variations behaviour for offshore Control Room Operators (CRO) from all Malaysia Oil & Gas operators. It also projects an immersive perception of multiple processes including oil & gas extraction, separation, gas compression, transportation, CCR, living quarters, etc. thus allowing the Trainers to create numerous scenarios simulating all sorts of emergency events such as equipment or instrumentation system malfunction, gas leak, explosion, fire breakout, and many others for accessing the CRO skills. Alarms management and procedures protocols will be audited based on the BTEC specifications applied. In addition, permit-to-work system is also included in the assessment to prevent accidents or hazard caused by unauthorized unprofessional operations.


SUPCON Joins Hands with Hongshi Group to Promote Cement Plant Digitization

Oct 15, SUPCON signed strategic cooperation agreement over intelligent plant building with Hongshi Group, marking the initiate of an all around cooperation era wherein more joint efforts being injected to the development of digital and intelligent cement plant.

Hongshi Group is a leading cement producer in China, one of the Top12 National Demonstration Cement Enterprises. High energy consumption as cement industry features inherently, Hongshi has been proactively seeking ways to build a green intelligent cement production mode and has achieved remarkable results. SUPCON expressed sincere admiration and strong commitment to facilitating energy saving, labor intense reduce and efficiency improvement, etc.


SUPCON Wins Automation Contract of Yancon Group Large Scale Coal Chemical Project

October, SUPCON won the automation contract of the 400,000t/a ethanediol and 300,000t/a DMMn Project of Yancon Group Rongxin Chemical Co., Ltd.

This project is part of a circular economy demonstration project with the estimated total capacity of 5Mt/a methanol and other down-stream fine chemical products. This project - with the capacity of 900,000t/a methanol, 400,000t/a ethanediol and 300,000t/a DMMn - adopts 3x4000t/d coal slurry gasifier (with the world’s largest single furnace coal feeding volume), 2×380t/h high pressure circulating fluidized bed boiler and 2x92,000Nm3/h air separation unit. The I/O point surpasses 37,000. SUPCON is to supply DCS, SIS, CCS and total plant information integration platform and security solution, and help to build a safe, green and advanced coal chemical industrial park.


SUPCON Wins Recognition in the commissioning of Xinjiang Hesheng Power

2×350MW Supercritical Turbine Unit Integrated Control Project

Xinjiang Hesheng Power 2×350MW Supercritical Turbine Unit Integrated Control Project announced successful commissioning last month. SUPCON received favorable feedback from the end user.

The Unit adopts 2×1200t/h pulverized coal boiler for the 2×350MW Supercritical steam turbine unit. As a typical digital power plant, the control solution integrates the main engine DCS (DAS, MCS, SCS, FSSS, ECS), ETS, DEH, MEH, METS, and the auxiliary engine DCS (coal feeding, desulfuration, dedusting, denitration). The project contains 33,000 I/O points, 97 pairs of controllers, 150 cabinets, 5 engineer stations, 42 operator stations.


CNOOC Daxie Petrochemical Company Using SUPCON RTO System

to Optimize CCR Unit

Late September, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) Daxie Petrochemical Company declared the start-up of the Continuous Catalytic Reforming (CCR) unit’s RTO (Real Time Operation) system.

By fully leveraging the process mechanism and mess data, SUPCON RTO system integrates the complete process simulation, online operation steady-state supervisory and energy consumption prediction, thus to optimize the real time operation parameters, improve product quality, meanwhile reduce cost and emission. Earlier, SUPCON Advanced Process Control solution (APC) adopted in the CCR unit had proved to be a great success. Together with the RTO system, higher efficiency and quality will be achieved.