SUPCON at 2018 China Industrial Internet Industry Conference

Dec 4, 2018 China Industrial Internet Industry Conference was opened in Shanghai. It’s held by China Electronics Standardization Institute, China Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team and CIO Times. Nearly 600 experts and guests from the industrial manufacturing and Internet industries attended the conference. Mr.Zhao Lujun, the Deputy General Manager of SUPCON Information Co., Ltd. gave a speech entitled Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions Based on Industrial Internet.

Mr. Zhao Lujun elaborated the viewpoints of SUPCON on how industrial Internet can help enterprises in production, pointed out many problems existing in the transformation of manufacturing enterprises and made a systematic and scientific analysis. He also introduced the methodology and philosophy of SUPCON InPlant Solution,and its supporting technologies, selected products, systematic subset solutions and comprehensive sevice tailored for all ranges of process industries.



More Conferences happen in Dec 2018:

SUPCON Holds Intelligent Manufacturing & Industrial Control Network Security Seminar

SUPCON Wins 2018 Intelligent System Solution Innovation Award at CAC sponsored by Chinese Association of Automation



SUPCON PIMS Provides Panorama for PETRONAS Research Center

Dec 13, SUPCON PIMS (Plant Information Management System) project for PETRONAS has successfully completed, with the presence of President Tan Sri Wan Zulkiflee bin Wan Ariffin and Dr Nasir B. Darman, Head of GR&T at the test demonstration.

The project builds an information centralization platform connecting their research facilities, thus to integrate data from all the laboratories into a centralized information platform with tailored HMI (Human Machine Interface), through which data collection, retrospect and analysis are achieved to improve general management. In addition, to make a easy access to the data and reports, SUPCON offers the “Plant in Your Pocket” solution with Simfield mobile application (on Android and IOS mobile phones).



SUPCON to Supply DCS for Indorama Ventures

December, SUPCON reached agreement to supply DCS and PLC system for the PET plants of Indorama Ventures in Thailand.

Indorama is a global leader in PET polyners and fibers, that is each 1 in 2 premium baby diaper is made from their fiber; each 1 in 4 PET bottles is made from their PET resin. The existing 200,000t/a CP unit and the new 2000,000t/a SSP unit will adopt SUPCON self developed DCS - Webfield ECS-700 and PLC - GCS G3. As the leading automation supplier especially in chemical industry, SUPCON is committed to offering the mature and advanced automation solution and products to support the technology innovation and business evolution of the client.



SUPCON Supplies Jianyuan Coal-based Polygeneration Intelligent Plant

Dec 7, SUPCON signed the GDS (Gas Detection System) contract with Jianyuan Coal Chemical Technology LTD. Earlier has signed the DCS (Distributed Control System), SIS (Safety Instrumented System), CCS (Compressor Control System) and safety barrier contract, SUPCON self-developed automation products have been widely applied in the coal-based polygeneration plant, which includes 2,8000,000 t/a coking co-production unit, 250,000 t/a coal tar hydrogenation unit, 300,000 t/a coke gas to LNG unit and 600,000 t/a ethylene unit.

Under the strategy of promoting comprehensive utilization of coal and fine coal chemical industry, Jianyuan Coal Chemical Technology LTD has input vast efforts into the project. The modern coal and chemical polygeneration unit has high requirements on the control system’s reliability, stability and large-scale network capability. SUPCON won the contract out with abudant experience and strong comprehensive capabilities in product, total solutions, service,etc.



SUPCON Facilitates Intelligent Chlor-alkali Plant Building of Shaanxi Energy Group

Dec 13, SUPCON is awarded the service contract for the total plant design consultation of the 600,000 t/a high performance resin plant and its auxiliary plants under Shaanxi Energy Group.

The project is estimated to get an investment of $1 billion to build an innovative demonstration green plant, which covers 600,000 t/a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin, 50,000 t/a polyvinyl chloride acetate (PVCA) resin, 40,000 t/a chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), 80,000 t/a chlorinated polyethylene (CPE), 30,000 t/a chemical hydrogen silicon, and the auxiliary units such as the 600,000 t/a caustic soda unit and power plant, etc.

SUPCON is to offer the plant construction consultation service and intelligent plant total solution covering comprehensive scope including control system, safety instrumented system, information security solution, specific plant level and industrial park level information integration management.



SUPCON Receives Thanks Letter from Xinneng Energy

Dec 8, SUPCON DCS and SIS applied in the 200,000t/a light dydrocarbon unit of Xinneng Energy went into operation successfully. The client sent a thanks letter highly commending SUPCON product’s reliable performance and service team’s professional endeavor.

Following the clean energy concept of its holding company ENN Group, Xinneng Energy, located in Inner Mongolia, initiated the project taking full advantage of the abundant local coal resource to produce methane gas and aromatic hydrocarbon with ENN self-developed catalytic coal gasification technology and coal hydrogasification technology.

The innovation indicates broad market prospect and social benefit on efficient and clean utilization of coal and air pollution prevention. Since late 2016 when SUPCON signed the automation contract with Xinneng Energy, 6 patents and 4 copyrights have been joint applied during the project. The I/O point of DCS and SIS of this project is 30,000 and 3,300 respectively, making a large scale application case and marking a significant step of the technologies in coal chemical industry.



SUPCON Accomplishes RTO Project for SINOPEC Jiujiang Company

and APC Project for SINOPEC Qilu Company

Dec 1, the RTO (online closed loop real time optimization system) for the 1# atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit of SINPOEC Jiujiang Company implemented by SUPCON was put into operation successfully. As an indispensable bridge between advanced process control and production scheduling, RTO plays significant part of the economic beneficial decisions at the plant level.

The system applies advanced molecular mechanism modeling; adopts 1 unit-level model covering 8 intermediate-level sub-models, 1 price system module and 1 public engineering module. Taking simultaneous equation algorithm as the calculation strategy, the model generates 63,275 variables and 55,834 mechanism model equations, meanwhile mitigates the modeling deviation by acquiring data from DCS (distributed control system) and NMR (on-line nuclear magnetic resonance) from the real time database - SUPCON ESP-ISYS. It has realized the maximum non-distortion of the model and process optimization.


Dec 7, SUPCON passed the APC (Advanced Process Control) project acceptance test of SINOPEC Qilu Company for the 80,000 t/a sulfur recovery project.

SUPCON APC Suite was applied in the sulfur recovery unit and went into commissioning on Oct, 2017. After put into use, it not only reduced the labor intensity of operators, but also improved the equipment performance stability - the standard deviation of the main variables was reduced by more than 30%, realizing consumption reduction of the processes. Especially, SO2 emissions of sulfur recovery units decreased by 5%, fuel gas consumption of the device decreased by 4.28KgEO/t, and the hydrogen content in the purifying tail gas was reduced by 0.51%.



SUPCON Passes Acceptance Test of the Intelligent Plant Project of Holley Group

Dec 5, 2018 SUPCON passed the acceptance test of the Intelligent Plant Project of Holley Group, marking a perfect information integration and process transformation of the assembly line, material distribution, warehouse and logistics system.

The project applies the automated logistics system adopting advanced transportation equipment, lifting equipment, AGV, special aircraft equipment; and comprehensive information and deployment system integrating the ERP, PLM, MES, WMS (some of the systems are supplied by third-parties), thus to achieve the effective end-to-end communication through R&D design to mass production, and simplify the process from order to delivery. The performance statistics show that the 58 different packing lines have reduced 50% of delivery time.