SUPCON Celebrates New Year 2019

January, SUPCON held a series of new year celebration activities. Chinese New Year 2019 - the year of pig - falls on Tuesday, February 5, 2019, around a month later than the Gregorian calendar new year.

2018 witnessed a 28% increase of contract volume. 2019 is the time for new time. Annual report conferences organized by all subsidiaries, divisions and departments were held, where challenges and opportunities were marked; reflections and expectations were made. After conferences were leisure activities of different themes including masquerade, singing contest, e-games competition, etc.



SUPCON to Supply DCS for M/s Dalmia Bharat Sugars for the 4th cooperation

January 15th, SUPCON signed the 4th consecutive contract of DCS Package with M/s.Dalmia Bharat Sugars & Industry Ltd, Delhi for the project of slop-based power plant with Distillery of M/s.Dalmia Chinni Mills Unit, Jawahanpur, Uttar Pradesh under the consultant of M/s. Avant Garde Engineers & Consultants (P) Ltd.

The highly reliable product performance, excellent engineering and smooth execution of the past three project won solid trust of the end user and also the consultant, which have brought cooperating confidence to the new project.


New projects also:

SUPCON to implement Indorama PET Plant Automation Project in Thailand

SUPCON to Supply Intelligent Instruments for Indonesia Harita Group



SUPCON Intelligent Transit Solution Relieves Traffic Pressure of Yuhang City

End of 2018, Yuhang city intelligent transit project phase I implemented by SUPCON Information LTD passed acceptance test and won consensus compliment of the experts present at the acceptance test site. In particular, the real-time dynamic guide, data-based intelligent traffic signal and special vehicle priority authorization helps to achieve more than traffic efficiency, and also societal security.

Yuhang, the northwest district of HANGZHOU, the south end of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the core of the Yangtze River Delta, has been a prosperous bustling region since the ancient time. In recent years, the internet enterprises, including the international giant Alibaba Group, have attracted large populations and put heavier burden to traffic. Since the intelligent transit solution was successfully put into operation, the district’s peak time congestion rate had been reduced by 11%, and the off-peak time 7%.



SUPCON Facilitates BANGA KAYO Oilfield Automation Construction

Early 2019, SUPCON received thanks-letter from the BANGA KAYO oil exploitation & pipeline construction project in The Republic of Congo, wherein SUPCON automation products (including DCS, PLC, FGS) and engineering service won wide recognition.

The project, invested by Southernpec, has been listed among the key projects of Sino-Congo Capability Cooperation Program promoted by Belt & Road Initiative. Launched in May 2017, the phase I project witnessed Chinese construction speed - the 20km oil pipeline with a transit capability of 4Mt/a, 2Mt/a oil treatment plant, and pipeline network covering 5km single well pipeline, 2km branch line and 2.2km main line connecting 55 wells were completed of high efficiency and quality.



SUPCON Boost Revitalization of the Time-honored Chemical Plant of JUHUA Group

Since 1958, JUHUA Group has been playing irreplaceable role in the chemical industry of the Yangtze River Delta. After listed as the National Demonstration Pilot Enterprise for Recycling Economy Renovation and Informatization & Industrialization Integration Initiative, JUHUA Group has applied a wide range of practices in intelligent manufacturing upgrading.

In 2018, SUPCON was awarded a dozen of APC (Advanced Process Control) projects for its existing manufacturing units, among which the R22 project, TEC distillation project, methanol distillation project and 2/3HFP project have been running for months and proved to be successful. Recently, another two projects were accomplished - ionic membrane caustic soda unit and cyclohexanone unit.

The production and operation experts unanimously spoke highly of the performance, especially the ionic membrane caustic soda unit, whose production process and system interlock are very complicated. The facility operation stable rate is lifted by 77.64%; the 32% soda yield is increased by 178.067t/a; annual resin column regeneration is reduced by 48 times. For the cyclohexanone unit, handing time is cut by 73.4%; alarm reports are reduced by 79.8%; the unit cyclohexanone’s steam consumption is cut by 3.52%.



SUPCON InPlant Solution Facilitates TRANSFAR Intelligent Plant Building

The TRANSFAR Intelligent Synthetic Chemical Plant project implemented by SUPCON passed acceptance test by the end of 2018.
TRANSFAR Group, started with chemical business, has been the local industry pacemaker adhering to energy conservation and environment protection principles. Transfar Synthetic Chemical Plant was built with high-end positioning applying the latest informatization management system.

SUPCON MES solution and its overall integration with the other 15 existing 3rd-party management systems help to realize real time manufacturing monitoring, and improve tank farm, warehouse and facility management, in particular, quality management, which is more traceable and data-based after the information isolation is eliminated. Likewise, accidents like gas leak, smoke and fire are also warned timely and controlled strictly, guaranteeing a healthy and safe work environment.