A Thanks Letter from Novák Paper

Apr 4, SUPCON overseas team received a thanks letter from Novák Paper Company, commending the professional service and perfect performance of SUPCON Distributed Control System (DCS) in their tissue paper machine project.

In 2015, SUPCON provided the InPlant Total Solution including DCS, Instrument, Motor Control Center(MCC) and Transmission System. In early 2019, in order to improve the quality and reduce the cost, Novák Paper introduced a scanner from Germany to detect the real-time parameters. SUPCON responded quickly to the customers’ transformation need and timely offered the control solution.

It reduced the work load by automatically controlling the paper weight and moisture after use. The steam consumption was cut obviously; the production cost was reduced. and the product quality was improved.



PETRONAS GR&T Senior Management Visits SUPCON HQ

Apr 2, 2019 – Not too long ago, PETRONAS Group Research & Technology senior management visited SUPCON HQ and Fuyang Manufacturing Facility. They were given a cross sectional view of SUPCON’s rapid development ranging from industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing, to smart city and related digital-centric fields. In the course of the visit, GR&T’s management took note of SUPCON’s various achievements in domestic and foreign markets.

As recent as last year, SUPCON completed the VxOTS (Operator Training System) for Malaysia Oil & Gas Offshore Fields. This project provided a realistic simulation which mimics operations with corresponding parameter variation behaviours for offshore Control Room Operators (CRO) from all Malaysia Oil & Gas operators. Essentially, the effort provided an immersive perception projection covering multiple processes including oil & gas extraction, separation, gas compression, transportation, CCR, living quarters, etc.

As China’s leading automation supplier, SUPCON is confident and committed to offering mature and advanced automation solution and products. SUPCON looks forward to cooperating with PETRONAS to jointly develop new solutions in the field of high-end automation for future offshore platforms.



The President of CCPIT Hangzhou Visits SUPCON HQ

Apr 17, Mrs. Wang Guozhen, the President of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Hangzhou Committee (CCPIT Hangzhou) visited SUPCON Technology Experience Center.

As the Vice-President seat holder of CCPIT Hangzhou, SUPCON will further strengthen the communication and interaction with CCPIT. Meanwhile, as the leading automation supplier, SUPCON will seize the opportunity of global digital transformation, and continue to promote China's "Industrial Intelligent Manufacturing" to the vast overseas market. SUPCON will further closely cooperate with CCPIT Hangzhou to increase the overseas brand awareness and expand its popularity and influence in overseas markets.



SUPCON Accomplishes Optimization Project

of CNOOC Daxie Petrochemical and WONFULL Petrochemical

Apr 2, SUPCON passed process optimization and advanced process control (APC) project acceptance test of China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) Daxie Petrochemical Company for the phenyl ethylene combination plant.

It highly improved the operation stability and the economy benefits by achieving the optimization of benzene ratio, water oil ratio and reflux ratio in the alkylation process after use. Especially, the comprehensive energy consumption of ethylbenzene plant decreased by about 1.47%, phenyl ethylene plant decreased by about 0.85%. Meanwhile, the utilization rate of the advanced control system reaches 95%.

Apr 3, SUPCON passed hydrogen & vapor & gas balance and optimization project acceptance test of WONFULL Petrochemical Company utility engineering platform.

According to the operation characteristics and business requirements, this project is to build a management control and optimization platform, which integrates real-time monitoring, statistical analysis, pipeline network simulation, production and consumption prediction, scheduling optimization and other functions. It reduced the energy loss in the transmission process, and highly improved the pipeline network operation safety and the operation stability.



SUPCON Signs the Service Contract with BRCC

See How SUPCON Facilitae SINOPEC CCR Unit

In April, SUPCON successfully signed 2020 Overhaul - DCS S-ystem Maintenance Service Contract with Sinopec Beihai Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. (BRCC). This project plans to carry out comprehensive maintenance of SUPCON ECS-700 control system in 21 sections of SINOPEC Beihai, which is characterized with large production scale, long production cycle and complex production process. SUPCON team fully considered the unit and process features, the DCS system’s built-in security upgrade  (Industrial Network Security) during the overhaul, and formulated a comprehensive test & maintenance plan.

Recently, Sinopec Cangzhou Company 400,000 t/a reflux bed  continuous catalytic reforming (CCR) unit successfully started up. This unit was transformed from semi-regenerative (SR) reforming to reflux bed CCR. The whole unit includes nearly 700 points measured in Safety Instrumented System (SIS), and nearly 100 points in Global Distribution System (GDS). SUPCON TCS-900 showed  multiple  advantagesin investment cost saving and construction time reduction. This project represents the successful application of SUPCON TCS-900 system in refining units for high-end domestic and foreign industrial customers.