SUPCON Wins Contract of SINOPEC Yangzi 800,000 t/a Ethylene Revamping Project

Recently, SUPCON won the MAV contract of the 800,000 t/a ethylene revamping project of SINOPEC Yangzi Petrochemical Company, which will go to commission in 2020. The project includes 1# ethylene, 2# ethylene and tank farm. The total configuration point of the project is over 12,000.

As the MAV, SUPCON will offer control system (DCS), intelligent device management system (IDM), advanced alarm management system (AAS) and value-added engineering services.



SUPCON Accomplishes APP Gold Hongye Paper 4×5600/2000 Tissue Machine Project

Recently, SUPCON passed the acceptance test of TM10 by APP Gold Hongye Paper(GHY), Suzhou Plant, which means the four tissue lines in APP GHY conducted by SUPCON were all successfully completed (including TM3 & TM4 of Xiaogan Plant and TM1 of Suining Plant) . 

The four projects used Acelli tissue machine and Andritz pulp equipment with highly automated design.It was one of the largest and highest speed tissue machines in APP group with 5,600mm width and 2,000r/min. SUPCON had supplied the distributed control system (DCS), the quality control system (QCS) and the intelligent manufacture system (IMS) in these projects. In addition, SUPCON had specially customized QCS monitoring curve software and the personal information management system (PIMS) hot connection function, to supplement automatic updating of Web monitoring screen and reduce routine maintenance, which won high appraise of the GHY Expert Group.

Gold Hong Ye Paper Group, established in March of 1996 in Suzhou Industrial Park, with an investment amount exceeding $1.06 billion, is the wholly owned subsidiary company of APP (Asia Pulp & Paper) in the Sinar Mas Group. GHY owns two crescent former tissue machines, the largest and most advanced tissue machine in the world. The annual output of jumbo roll tissues reaches 120 thousand metric tons, and the annual output of finished tissue products is 140 metric tons.



SUPCON Launches SINOPEC Zhongyuan APC Project of MTO & PP unit

May 14, the kick-off meeting of Advanced Process Control (APC) project of methanol to olefin (MTO) unit and polypropylene (2#PP) unit was successfully held in SINOPEC Zhongyuan Petrochemical Corporation LTD.

SINOPEC Zhongyuan Petrochemical is the leading ethylene manufacturing enterprise in Central China. It has more than 10 production units such as ethylene, polyethylene, polypropylene, gasoline hydrogenation, benzene extraction, hydrogen production, butene-1, catalytic cracking to propylene (OCC), MTO, etc. Among them, 600,000 t/a MTO unit adopts S-MTO technology independently developed by SINOPEC, which is China’s first set of independent intellectual property rights demonstration unit of petrochemical. Polypropylene unit is required to produce more than 10 kinds of co-brand products, making this project quite difficult and challenging to implement. SUPCON will cooperate with the SINOPEC process experts team deeply to build it a demonstration in MTO APC project.



SUPCON has been independently developed a variety of algorithms and software packages for the optimization control solution, which helps to achieve maximum energy-saving and consumption-reducing, and plays an important role in the intelligent plant construction.


Main Benefits:

a. Fully automatic control

Through various of control algorithms and software packages, the compressor unit can be automatically started, loaded and parked safely and reliably. It contributes to achievement of maximum energy-saving and consumption-reducing by precise line pressure control technology and performance measurement ability. According to the different projects, SUPCON will customize unique algorithms for users. When unstable conditions occur in the start-up process, the optimization control technology can automatically adjust to guarantee the stable operation of the compressor unit and technology.

b. Adopt high reliability and safety system platforms

The system platforms T9100, T5100 and T8000 with high reliability and safety are adopted in the hardware of compressor solutions:
● Function safety level up to SIL3;
● Configuration of redundant power supplies, networks, buses, function modules;
● Support hot swap;
● Support online modification function;
● Complete I/O line monitoring function;
● Powerful running state self-diagnosis function.

c. Integrated optimization control solution

SUPCON provides optimization solutions for compressor application and information layer integration management of SIS, DCS (SCS) and other systems:
● Optimize of the process operation flow and the human resources allocation;
● Facilitate data collection and management;
● Reduce the hardware cost investment;
● Reduce the system maintenance difficulty;


Typical Application - 1 million t/a continuous catalytic reforming unit of CNOOC

In a coordination control system (CCS) project of 1 million t/a continuous catalytic reforming (CCR) unit of China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) Petrochemical Company. It consisted of two sets of steam-towed hydrogen turbocharging units in series, including anti-surge control, speed control, performance control, anti-surge decoupling control and etc. After the optimization control solution was put into use, the unit operation stability was improved remarkably; steam consumption had been reduced by 5 tons per hour, getting an annual economic benefit up to $150,000 per year.