SUPCON Energy Balance and Scheduling Optimization Technology

TOP TENs of International List of Energy Efficiency Best Available Technologies (BATs)

Energy conservation and energy efficiency improvements form the fundamental crux of strengthening energy security, optimising energy supply thereby improving environmental quality.  Member countries have responded to these challenges with the creation of the Top Ten Energy Efficiency Best Practices and Best Available Technologies Task Group (TOP TENs), a platform that identifies, showcases and promotes the best available energy efficiency technologies and practices for select sectors.

SUPCON “Energy balance and scheduling optimization technology for industrial enterprises” was successfully selected into the TOP TENs Energy Energy Efficiency Best Available Technologies (BATs) of China. It officially announced by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in accordance with International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC).



SUPCON Participates in 2019 China Olefin Conference

July 29-30, 2019 China Olefin Conference and Binzhou High-end Chemical Industry Association organized by Binzhou SDBH Government, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and Chemical Industrial Park Working Committee was opened in Shanghai. More than 260 officials and entrepreneurs attended the meeting. In the keynote speech, Mr. Guo Biao, GM of SUPCON Domestic Sales Department, gave a theme report focusing on the practice and application of chemical intelligent automation solutions.

SUPCON will fully assist Binzhou high-end Chemical Industry to rapidly realize intelligent automation transformation and revamping.



SUPCON Launches the 20,000t/a Sodium Chlorite Project of Italy Societa Chimica Bussi

Recently, the Design Liaison Meeting(DLM)of the 20,000t/a sodium chlorite project of Societa Chimica Bussi SpA was successfully held in SUPCON HQ. In the project, SUPCON will provide ECS-700 DCS and technical supports. With the boost of Belt & Road cooperation in 2018, the development of Italy-China relations has becoming more and more robust, and high-level exchanges had been conducted between the two countries. As China’s leading automation supplier, SUPCON attaches high attention to cooperate with Italian enterprises.



SUPCON Wins the Contract of Ningbo Huatai 700,000t/a Ethylene Unit Project

Recently, SUPCON won the control valve contract of the 700,000t/a light hydrocarbon project of Ningbo Huatai Shengfu Polymeric Material Ltd. SUPCON will offer 207 sets of control valves including LN8 series GLOBE regulating valves, SN5 series switching ball valves and CN series eccentric rotary valves, which are all independently developed by SUPCON. They will be applied in the 400,000t/a polyethylene unit, 400,000t/a styrene unit and torch supporting facilities.



SUPCON APC Solution for Juhua Group R142b & 701 Units Passes Acceptance Test

Recently, Juhua Group Corporation completed the acceptance test of SUPCON Advanced Process Control solution (APC) adopted in the R142b and 701(AHF) Units. After the R142b unit put into use, the stationarity of key process parameters was increased by 69.2%, and the automation rate reached 90.74%, which greatly improved the stability of production and reduced labor intensity. Meanwhile, the steam consumption was reduced by 21.3%. After the 701 (AHF) unit put into use, the stationarity of key process parameters was increased by more than 50%, and the automation rate reached 95.18%.



The Nordic Centre Summer Course Students Visits SUPCON HQ

July 19, 35 MA-level students of The Nordic Centre Summer Course of Fudan University visited SUPCON Technology Experience Center. The visit was designed to provide the Nordic students with an opportunity to gain insight into the exciting and ever-changing “Industrial World” in SUPCON. With the company introduction video, they understood the enterprise culture, business scope and recent achievements of SUPCON.

Later, they exchanged ideas with the representatives from SUPCON Overseas Dep. SUPCON has always been committed to the development of talent education, and will continue to strengthen school-enterprise cooperation.



SupIES enterprise energy optimization solution, can achieve multi-source heterogeneous data collection and energy data integration. It can comprehensively upgrade the enterprise's energy planning, scheduling, operation, statistics and monitoring five energy management capabilities.

Main functions:

a. Centralized energy monitoring Combined with energy process monitoring and equipment energy efficiency monitoring;

b. Energy objective management According to the process data, established the multi-condition energy consumption benchmark database;

c. Energy consumption prediction and optimal scheduling Based on the production plan, realize the energy consumption demand forecast, and then establish the energy balance optimal scheduling model;

d. Energy statistical analysis Achieve the automatic statistics of energy related business reports and online visual analysis of energy consumption, to meet the basic needs of online statistical analysis.

e. Energy management workflow Through active monitoring of energy performance targets, when major deviations occur, the responsible person will be pushed to conduct problem analysis and treatment, so as to close the loop of energy management.

Typical benefits:

a. Through lean energy management, energy saving can be improved by at least 2%~3%;

b. Through the operation optimization analysis, improve the operational level of the unit, energy saving can be achieved by 3-5%;

c. Through energy network balance and optimal scheduling, the energy efficiency can be increased by 0.5%~1.5% and energy loss can be reduced by 3%~5%;

d. Energy statistics work can be reduced from 3 hours on average to 0.5 hours on average;

Typical Reference:

SupIES energy optimization solutions have been successfully applied in petrochemical, chemical, steel, cement, power and other industries. In the first one-million-ton coal to olefin demonstration project in China, with strong technical strength and rich industry experience, it has been selected into the Catalogue of Promotion of National Key Energy-saving Technologies of National Development and Reform Commission for many times.