SUPCON Participates in 2019 China Industry Internet Conference

China Industry Internet Conference 2019, guided by Economy and Information Technology Department of Zhejiang, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) and China Industry Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team was held on 14 August in Hangzhou. Academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and the Alliance of Industrial Internet (AII), and representatives from SUPCON, ALIBABA, Holly Group and other experts teams attended the meeting.

SUPCON’s founder Professor Chu Jian, as a keynote speaker, gave a speech around Industrial Cyber-Security of Control Systems, involving network, operator station and control system, ranging from industrial and commercial facilities to large-scale public utilities. In 2018, SUPCON, Alibaba and Zhijiang Lab signed the strategic cooperation agreement on building the 1+N Industrial Internet Platform to offer intelligent manufacturing solutions based on expertise in industry automation and digitization.

SUPCON has been devoted to developing industrial information security products and solutions based on comprehensive cyber-security technology, and striving to deliver the commitment to unremitting improvement based on the customer’s benefit point.



SUPCON Supports Digitalization of Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries IPCI Project

SUPCON was delivering the digitalization transformation solutions at the Integrated Petrochemicals Complex and Infrastructure (IPCI) project of Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc. LLP (KPI) contracted by China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation Ltd. (CNCEC). Being one of the key projects in China-Kazakhstan Production Capacity Cooperation under Belt & Road Initiative put forward by Chinese President Xi Jinping, the IPCI project has been widely highlighted bilaterally.

As the first domestic propane dehydrogenation project, KPI IPCI is part of the Petrochemical Development Program of the Republic of Kazakhstan to monetize its abundant gas production, and carries a goal of creating a future digital economy, which injects the project great attention to digitalization building.

By virtue of the deep domain expertise in process automation & intelligent plant sector, and long-standing trust of CNCEC, SUPCON has won the integrated plant digitalization project, and will leverage the SUPCON InPlant Total Solution to deliver a sophisticated information Platform, which will integrates RTDB, MES, LIMS, CMMS to enable the plant make better decisions based on accurate information, facilitate safer and smarter operation, and empower sustainable growth.



SUPCON Cooporates wtih Pertamina at the Catalytic Reforming Pilot Plant Project

August 15th, SUPCON firstly cooporates wtih PT Pertamina (Persero) at its catalytic reforming pilot plant project. It helped to secure the refinery process more safe, green and advanced by SUPCON automation control solutions, including the control system, electrical cabinet, field instruments and etc. As one of China’s leading provider of automation and solution, SUPCON will help to accelerate the catalyst development process in R&T Center Pertamina to achieve commercial success.

Pertamina has now journeyed with over six decades of experience in the energy industry. The government regulated the role of Pertamina so as to produce and process oil and gas from oil fields as well to provide for the fuel and gas demands in Indonesia in1971. Research & Technology Center Pertamina has long been involved in developing catalyst for refinery processes, particularly to be used in its own refineries. Pilot plant is one of the key facilities in developing the process and catalysts.



SUPCON ECS-700 to Accelerate the Automation Transformation of PETRONAS HPP Plant

SUPCON will offer ECS-700 DCS in the Hydroprocessing plant (HPP) of PETRONAS RESEARCH SDN BHD (PETRONAS). HPP unit is an important experimental unit in PETRONAS, which is mainly used for the experiment of the latest technology in the hydrogenation section.

SUPCON PIMS (Plant Information Management System) project had successfully completed in 2018. As China’s leading automation supplier, SUPCON is confident and committed to offering mature and advanced automation solution and products. SUPCON looks forward to cooperating with PETRONAS to jointly develop new solutions in the field of high-end automation for future oil & gas industry.



SUPCON Wins 60,000t/a PDH (UOP package) Project of Oriental Energy

Recently, SUPCON signed the DCS contract of Oriental Energy Company limited (referred to "Oriental Energy"). SUPCON will offer a set of 60,000t/a PDH unit (using UOP package), air compressor, circulating water system, boiler, desalting-water system, torch unit, etc. In the past five years, SUPCON has built up trust through cooperation with Oriental Energy in DCS, SIS and the loading system transformation project. SUPCON will strive to build it into a demonstration project in PDH market.

Oriental Energy is engaged in developing clean energy and new material industry. Since the very inception, it has been focused on alkane resources import, sale and deep processing. It has settled alkane resources deep processing projects in both Zhangjiagang and Ningbo, using the imported alkane resources including methane, ethane, propane, butane and so on from Middle East and North America to produce propylene, polypropylene, ethylene, butylene and other petrochemicals.



SUPCON Facilitates the PVC Production Synthesis Construction Project in Uzbekistan

SUPCON was awarded the ESD system contract of Uzbekistan PVC production complex contracted of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Caustic Soda and Methanol project in Uzbekistan by China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd. and China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering Co., Ltd. In this PVC project, SUPCON offered the ESD system of methanol unit and acetylene furnace & compressor to facilitate the safer and smarter operation.

This PVC Project was located in Navoiy, the Republic of Uzbekistan, and included the construction of production synthesis, which consists of 100,000 t/a PVC per year, 75,000 t/a caustic soda per year and 300,000 t/a carbinol per year. The total contract value of the project is USD 439.8 million.

The project was signed by the Uzbekistan government leader during his visit to China. It is an important project to carry out international capacity cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative of President Xi Jinping. At the same time, it is also the largest single project contracted by Chinese enterprises in Uzbekistan. SUPCON will make persistent efforts and confront the challenges. Full efforts will be put to advance the project and make it a new example of international cooperation, thus contributing to the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative.



SUPCON Automation Control Solution to Power the IPC 30,000t/a TPA Project in Pakistan

August 8th, SUPCON supported the International Petrochemicals (Private) Limited in its efforts to build efficient, energy-saving, safe and smart plants at the 30,000t/a TPA Phthalic Anhydride Project in Pakistan. It delivered the automation control solutions, including ECS-700 DCS system for DCS, BMS, CCR and TCS-900 SIS system for ESD+F&G Sector, The abundant PA projects experience of SUPCON, more than 70 references, in PA industry generated the client's confidence that SUPCON products are best solution in this project and SUPCON engineering team will strongly support the client in all aspects.

Founded in 1978, IPC plays a central role in daily lives as a global supplier of petrochemical raw material for end uses such as electronics, foam, paints, lubricants, textiles, agrochemicals, fertilizers and defense applications.