SUPCON SOLAR Signs EPC Framework Contract of Greece Minos 50MW Tower CSP Project

Greece, Nov.11- witnessed by Chinese President Xi Jinping and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis - the financing cooperation agreement of the Greece Minos 50MW Tower CSP Project was formally signed. In the meantime, the China Gezhouba Group International Engineering Co., Ltd. (CGGC) & ZHEJIANG SUPCON SOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (SUPCON SOLAR) consortium and Nur-MOH Heliothermal S.A. signed the EPC framework contract.

The project site lies in the southeast of Crete Island, which is the biggest island of Greece with abundant sunshine. It will adopt SUPCON self-developed molten salt tower CSP technology, which converts solar energy into continuous, stable, dispatchable electricity. It will lower local diesel power consumption, thus to protect the environment and tourism resource. This project is the first “Technology + Equipment + Engineering” cooperation mode for China's CSP technology to go international. And it is also the first greenfield project in the power industry undertaken by Chinese enterprises in Greece.

“SUPCON SOLAR will make every effort to guarantee the construction of the project and build it into a benchmark project of global solar power project.” Said Jin Jianxiang, Chairman of SUPCON SOLAR. “…SUPCON SOLAR will stick to the development of CSP technology and lower power generation costs, fulfilling its vision of ‘To provide high-quality, low-cost, and clean energy’ and contributing to the sustainable development of human society.”



SUPCON Empowers Department of Environment Malaysia to Control Chemical Pollution in Malaysia

Recently in Pasir Gudang Malaysia, it was reported that an illegal tyre recycling factory had allegedly dumped chemical waste, which brought out more than 2,775 people getting affected by the chemical pollution. Based on reports from Malay Mail, Energy, Technology, Science, Climate Change and Environment Minister Yeo Bee Yin announced that RM6.4 million will be allocated to handle the clean-up of the polluted river. As a leading automation provider in China, SUPCON will help to provide chemical pollution monitoring system in Pasir Gudang.

In this project, SUPCON will help to build the pollution monitoring system and provide control systems including GCU311 and GW315, which adopt wireless data acquisition technology. The system will be integrated into PIMS system to realize unified deployment and monitoring of local environmental data. In addition, SUPCON will integrate the SAFER-one of America's most famous environmental protection systems-into the unified platform for easy operation, monitoring, and emergency response.

When completed, the system will monitor the environmental data in 25 schools, police stations and other densely populated areas, and finally transmit them to the central station for emergency response, alarm and other functions. It will be a strong security umbrella for residents of the area.



SUPCON APC Solution Facilitates Process Optimization of SINOPEC Ten Million-tons Refining Project

November, SUPCON passed the APC (Advanced Process Control) project acceptance test of SINOPEC Yunnan Oil Products Company (YOPC) for the ten million-tons refining project.

The APC project for 8 key units was launched in September 2018, and delivered in 8 months. After put into use, it not only reduced the labor intensity of operators, but also improved the equipment performance stability, realizing remarkable consumption reduction of the processes.

Sinopec Yunnan Oil Products Company (YOPC) is one of the leading refineries in China. It currently has 13 oil depots (The total capacity is 380,000 cubic meters), 600 kilometers oil transportation pipeline, more than 1100 petrol stations, 600 “Ejoy” Convenience Stores. It possesses a total assets of RMB 10.2 billion.



SUPCON Supports Eastern Route of Russia-China Gas Pipeline (Northern Section)

Recently, construction of the northern section of the China-Russia East-Route natural gas pipeline was completed successfully. The northern part of the project stretches for 1,067 kilometers from the city of Heihe in Heilongjiang Province to Changling County in Jilin Province. SUPCON GCS series PLC, TCS series ESD and Compressor Control System were adopted in the project.

The whole eastern route runs 3371 kilometers from the Kovykta Gas Field in Irkutsk Oblast of East Siberia and the Chayanda Gas Field in the Sakha Republic, enters China at the Russia-China border at Heihe, Heilongjiang Province, and end in Shanghai. It is one of the underpinning projects of China's Belt and Road Initiative, which has set several records in China oil & gas pipelines, including the largest diameter, the highest pressure, and fully adopting of automatic welding for the whole line.



SUPCON Passes Acceptance Test of SOPO Group PID Performance Evaluation and Tuning Project

Nov 1, SUPCON passed the acceptance test of the Methane plant and sulfuric acid plant PID Performance Evaluation and Tuning Project of Jiangsu SOPO Corporation Ltd. After successfully launched, the PID performance evaluation has been significantly optimized, and the unit control rate has been improved remarkably. In addition, it better centralizing the PID control loops, quantitative management and intelligent operation & maintenance.