SUPCON Coopotares with BNBC & CITIC at Belarusian Agro-industrial Complex Project

Recently, SUPCON signed the MAV contract with CITIC Construction for Belarusian National Biotechnology Corporation (BNBC) Agro-industrial Full Cycle Complex Project. SUPCON will provide the Webfield ECS-700, Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS), Video Monitoring System and fied instruments to build high-tech agro-industrial integration project.

This project was another important China-Belarus cooperation under The Belt and Road Initiative.The construction mainly included: a lysine plant with an annual output of 50,000 tons, a tryptophan plant with an annual output of 5,000 tons, a balanced compound feed plant with an annual output of 1 million tons, an oil crop processing plant with an annual output of 300,000 tons, a 600-million-ton silo grain storage with drying facilities, and a grain production base with an annual output of 1 million tons with auxiliary infrastructures and field pipe network.



SUPCON Wins the Contract of Lao-China Dongyan Petrochemical Project

Recently, SUPCON won the DCS, SIS and transmitter contract of Lao-China Dongyan Petrochemical Co., Ltd (LCPC) oil refinery project. Sitting on over 218,677 square meters and worth US$179 million, the oil refinery project involves the construction of three buildings, 16 oil tanks which have a total storage capacity of 80 million liters.

SUPCON products will be applied to 300,000 t/a fixed bed semi-regenerative reforming unit, 80,000 t/a benzene extraction distillation unit, 500,000 t/a diesel hydrogenation upgrading unit, 5,000 t/a sulfur recovery unit, and also the 200,000 cubic meters of oil tanks and off-site utilities, such as 2×12.5mva 22KV transformer substation, 2×35 t/h medium-pressure boilers, 150 t/h sewage treatment plant, etc. This refinery is expected to have an annual production capacity of 800,000 tons of oil, supplying about 60 percent of fuel in Laos.



SUPCON Successfully Commissioned INDORAMA PET Plant DCS for CP and SSP Project

Recently, the DCS revamping project of Indorama PET plant project’s 200,000t/a CP unit and the new 2000,000t/a SSP unit successfully went into commission. SUPCON self-developed DCS - Webfield ECS-700 and PLC - GCS G3 was used to replace PROVOX control system from Emerson at Rayong plant in Thailand. The client sent a thanks-letter highly commending SUPCON product’s reliable performance and service team’s great endeavor.

After replacing the DCS to SUPCON Webfield ECS-700, it highly improved the operation stability and the economy benefits by achieving the interconnection of the underlying equipment and real-time automatic data collection. SUPCON’s advanced control solution and reliable engineering implementation capability had won great recognition. Mr. G. Ganesh Babu, the VP and Site Head of Indorama PET Plant, showed confidence for further cooperation in the upcoming revamping projects.

Indorama is in a leading position in the polyester industry. Indorama manufactures a multitude of products including polyethylene, polypropylene, nitrogen fertilizers, phosphate fertilizers, polyester, polyester feedstocks, textiles, and medical gloves. It is the largest producer of polyester products in the world with plants in five continents and also one of the biggest producers of polyester feedstocks.



SUPCON to Support Inner Mongolia Jiutai 1,000,000 t/a Ethylene Glycol Plant Automation

SUPCON offered Webfield ECS-700 for the 1,000,000 t/a ethylene glycol plant of Inner Mongolia Jiutai New Material (Jiutai). The total I/O point of the single set of ethylene glycol plant was more than 60,000. SUPCON was responsible for the automation and information integration of the main process units including ethylene glycol, methanol, formaldehyde and polyformaldehyde, as well as the boiler island, coal island, concentrated brine, circulating water, reclaimed water, sewage, desalination water and other public utilities and auxiliary facilities.

In this project, Jiutai firstly introduced Johnson Matthey and Eastman Chemical technology for the production of MEG (mono ethylene glycol). With the combined efforts of all parties, SUPCON will focus on implementing the automation system building in a reliable manner and support to produce high value MEG at its new Coal to Chemicals Complex at Togtoh Industrial Park, Togtoh, Inner Mongolia.



SUPCON CEMS-2000 Facilities 20MW Coal Fired Power Plant in Pakistan

With the rapid development of industries especially the power industries in Pakistan, environment issues are becoming one of the primary concerns by the government. Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) was historically used as a tool to monitor flue gas - carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide - to provide information for combustion control in industrial settings.

SUPCON self-developed CEMS-2000 system will be applied in MASTER POWER PRIVATE LIMITED 20MW Coal Fired Power Plant to measure SOx, NOx, COx and O2. Business areas include industrial process analysis instruments, environmental monitoring instruments, laboratory analysis instruments, laboratory automation and information products, etc. Products are certificated by CPA, CCEP, ISO 9001 and ISO 14000.